About Us

When we talked about the concept of this project as a group... the message was clear. It had to incorporate the same values we followed for the other products we developed over the years…high quality, visually creative, customer driven,.and Made in the USA !!! We have always made it a driving priority that any project or company we foster must have an impact on supporting our US job force. Not just from direct hires, but by building relationships with other US suppliers that procure products and services within the US. 

Every weekend we set out to experience life...mountain biking, kayaking, rappelling, adventure racing, 4-wheeling, skiing...... and not to forget the numerous trips to the Finger Lakes wine tasting just to name a few...That was 12-years ago....
We chased the "American Dream" of starting a small business with each weekend/weekday...pretty much every hour slated to the business.... hours turned into weeks, weeks to months....and before we knew it... a decade passed and we accomplished what we set out to do, only to realize that the things that made life real and enjoyable happened before the "dream" and we decided to take it back.  Hopefully through this line we can place a gentle reminder in view so you do not loose track of your own passions.

Janine & Glenn
(& our adventurous huskies)

To contact us via email: info@machinedapparel.com

ph: 716-652-2848 

The Machined Apparel Co, Inc.
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